Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Chanel Perles Et Fantaisies Illuminating Powder Review and Swatches

Really perfect.  Honestly.

Finely milled, with a slight sheen closer to Guerlain's Meteorites than most highlighters.  The white is just that, a soft white that isn't metallic.  The pink is even softer and lighter, a lovely cool glow.  They're both so subtle I can't tell the difference on when I mix them.

Dior Glowing Gardens pink is warmer (peach/gold hint) and more metallic.

Camellia de Plumes is more metallic, silver, with a hint of warm gold.

Guerlain Meteorites is slightly more subtle.

With Meteorites summer 2015 (right)

Dior Glowing Gardens pink across the top, camellia de plumes on the left, the next 2 are perles, and the last two are Guerlain Meteorites Summer 2015.

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