Sunday, January 17, 2016

I didn't expect to like these as much as I did.  According to UD they use the Revolution lipstick formula but I feel that they have more sheen and some almost duo chrome tendencies (with Wonderland being the most obvious).  Three sheers, 4 shiny satins and one matte.

X Girlfriend is a sheer pink peach nude with a shimmery front and almost blue peach duo chrome on me (I know it sounds weird but that's what I saw).  Very light, sheer, short wear shade.  It's better in person than on camera but works better with a little liner or gloss.

Phone Call is a sheer vibrant warm rose pink.  One of my favorites.

Wonderland is a vibrant pink red.  This one is close to Spiderweb but lighter and less red. Cool, shiny, satin.

Fire Bird is a vibrant pink fuchsia with a blue shift duo chrome effect (blue lavender).  It's vibrant but not crazy bright.  Shiny satin.  Cool undertone and shiny satin finish.

Spiderweb is a bright medium red, neutral to cool.  Nice shade.  Shiny satin.

714 is my favorite.  It's a warmer red with an orange or coral undertone and is a velvet matte.  Stiffer than the others but still workable and only a little drying, the finish reminds me of rose petals.

Plaid is a sheer but super pigmented berry red.  It's similar to Spiderweb and Wonderland.

You can see that these veer cool.  They are in order in the photos below but in the video I apply Fire Bird before Wonderland so people can better compare the latter with Spiderweb.

X Girlfriend

Phone Call


Fire Bird





X Girlfriend, Phone Call, Wonderland, Fire Bird, Spiderweb, 714, Rockstar and Plaid

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