Sunday, November 7, 2010

What amazes me is the miracles

Friday night, coming home from Coro and a drink with my other fellows in the program a car zoomed past me, lost control and hit another car just ahead of me. The driver tried to drive away and was blocked physically by the man whose care he'd just hit (with his little kids inside).

Today in yoga my teacher, Steve, told us that yoga is to help us control the mind; the body is much easier to control.

Yet how much control do we really have when so much happens independent of our actions or thoughts? Can we, through imagry and effort, control our own outcome?

I got some good news on Thursday which I'll be able to share (hopefully) soon. It was a hit of luck... that I'd worked some at cultivating. Miracles do happen yet somehow they seem to happen more for those who work hard at finding them.

A car can wreck your night or your life. Someone irresponsible (or stoned?) can do irreparable damage. But in our country we've had the opportunity to fight back and search for yet another miracle.

What will the world bring going forward? I'm hopeful. With Captive we've made some traction...slower than I'd like but it is moving.

Spread the word, write a review and thank the miracle that saved a family of four from being hurt when hit at 65 miles an hour on the freeway last Friday night.

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