Friday, November 26, 2010

Thoughts on character


So that’s my thought for the day. Being somewhat creative I try to grasp the vastness of the subject (in my life: Coro, work, my friends, writing the next book with Characters). But I’m also a lawyer (focused on the actual meaning) so I typed the term into a favorite site:

I liked the note better than the definition:
Character is what one is; reputation is what one is thought to be by others.

Don’t you love that?

My character. I have 100 plus pages of Captive’s sequel. I work; have kids. Instead of writing with the time left over I’ve decided to market. That goes to my character, doesn’t it?

The book is among the most fulfilling things I’ve done. The writing also comes very easily. I could sit down – and if I could afford it – write book after book. Is character shaped by economics?

But to lead you need character. Why is it that with that quality we know it when we see it yet it doesn’t fit the confines of a definition? All of our leaders are so flawed. I’m so flawed but that doesn’t make me a leader.

My leadership principles for today (and I’ll only comment on today)”

1. Respect and caring for others (empathy and interest included)
2. Clearly thought out missions/goals
3. Standards of behavior to adhere to (and they may be controversial)
4. Willingness to compromise when necessary; strength not to when necessary
5. Faith and a belief in a higher power
6. Compassion
7. Judgment

And, gosh, for now I don’t know. The list goes on but yet character isn’t leadership and it isn’t always good.

As I learn in yoga – accept.

So, we all have our characters. Mine is to jump around and ramble sometimes as I figure out where I’m going. It doesn’t need to make sense to anyone else.

Read Michael Cunningham’s new book By Nightfall for more.

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