Friday, December 16, 2016

Givenchy Rouge Revelateur Rouge Interdit Marbled Lipstick Swatches and Review

Since I've been so bad about doing videos lately...I'm writing this one out.


Givenchy has some new lipsticks coming out, and I was told the release is January 2017.  Barney's accidentally released this marbled red/black lipstick early.

The shade is a pink-black undertoned red.  Slightly cool (on me).  It's a lighter formula with mostly full coverage.  The finish is stunning. The recent trend of some (high end) lines to add a highlighter effect is present here, along with a beautiful glossiness.  It wears about 2.5 hours on me, but lipsticks never wear well on me.  And it really doesn't stain much.

The "black" is marbled throughout so each time the lipstick is applied the shade is slightly different.  I will get to a video but wanted to post the swatches before it's officially released (and likely sells out).

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