Wednesday, March 16, 2016

10 Reasons to Attend a Makeup , Such as the Makeup Show Los Angeles or Imats

1.     Product releases.
a.      Every makeup show has them…the pre-releases when you get new products not yet in stores and often discounted.
b.     At the Makeup Show LA MUFE is introducing new striking colors and textures for lips and eyes. As per the brand “the new Lip Fever collection includes the watercolor-like Artist Lip Balm, the velvety pastel of Artist Lip Blush, and the vibrant, acrylic finish of Artist Acrylip.”
c.      Frends Beauty will be releasing 2 new palettes
                                               i.     Everything Palette: “For both the working artist who needs a palette to do it all, or the makeup lover who is traveling and has limited space, The Everything Palette was created to offer the simplest solution. With 14 ultra smooth shades that include a mix of cool and warm neutral tones, a matte highlighter, a shimmer highlighter, a universal contour shade and 3 blush colors to suit all skin tones, this palette was created to address the majority of every makeup lover’s needs”.
                                              ii.     Metals Palette: “Stilazzi's Metals Palette by James Vincent captures all the most gorgeous tones from Mother Nature's mined metals. With fourteen stunning metallic shades ranging from diamond-toned pearls to rich golds, brilliant bronzes to coppers, and a smokey titanium to everything in between, the Metals Palette is a collection of all of the dazzling visuals the earth has to offer.”
2.     Discounts on products:  all makeup shows offer them and they can reach or even exceed 50%.  What better reason do you need to try new products?
3.     Insight and tips from experts
a.      Program of speakers and panels:  these typically include company owners and makeup artists who shatter boundaries and do great things.   Some are super famous and all are inspirational.  The Makeup Show 2016 in Los Angeles has Kat Von D, whom I’ve seen speak before, and who is wonderful.
b.     Sometimes the actual experts are at their booths.  So you end up getting a one on one with a legend.
4.     Information on the greats/icons in the makeup industry.  Two examples from the Makeup Show LA 2016 are two artists being honored.
a.      Eugenia Weston
                                               i.     “The Makeup Show Icon Gallery will be celebrating the 40 year evolution of this renowned makeup artist, in which she transformed from a drug store cosmetic counter girl to celebrity artist, SENNA Cosmetics brand builder, and product inventor. A pioneer in the beauty industry, Emmy nominated Weston has worked with icons including Helmut Newton and Bette Midler. Truly obsessed with brows, she broke new ground with the revolutionary Form-A-Brow® stencil shaping kit. Cited as a ‘muse’ by Kevyn Aucoin, she is gifted with an intuitive eye for color and a talent for teaching pro artists and consumers how makeup transforms beauty and life.”
b.     Davis Factor
                                               i.     “Davis Factor, the great-grandson of legendary cosmetics pioneer Max Factor and co-founder of Smashbox Studios and Smashbox Cosmetics, Davis grew up surrounded by Hollywood and beauty before eventually carving out his own niche in the industry. Inspired by the many greats that surrounded him during his upbringing, Davis also became a renowned photographer, building up an impressive body of work over the past 30 years. A collection of his photographs on display at this Icon Gallery will be a selection of Davis' acclaimed celebrity portraiture.”
5.     You get to see what’s hot.  There is nothing like walking though a crowded makeup show and seeing what’s selling.  Some booths will have long lines and limited inventory of certain products while others are slower.
6.     Community.  Makeup is a fun area for becoming part of a community.  Online makeup boards, YouTube and blogs are so expansive these days.  At makeup shows that community comes alive and suddenly you’re with people who share your passion.
7.     Demonstrations both at the booth and in keynotes or discussions.  I learn so much from listening to and learning from the best.  They really do have amazing tips.
8.     You can.  Living in a large city with these types of events I sometimes take them for granted.  Not everyone is so lucky.  So if life presents such opportunities, why not take them?
9.     You grow as an artist.  I’ve spoken sometimes about how important makeup can be for playing, and with colors, like we did as kids.  Too many of us step away from creativity as we age and get caught up in work and family.  Makeup lets us play and be creative again.  Plus we can just wash it off when we’re done.

10.  Know your show.  Some will focus more on techniques and teaching.  Others will focus more on exposure and selling makeup.  Find the right fit and you will have so much fun!

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