Thursday, September 24, 2015

Keeping that summer glow....a little longer...

Summer used to be so easy!  Pre-sunscreen obsession, I was an outdoor swimmer (daily) and since I live in California that meant I always had a summer glow.  Now I'm older, run instead of swim and slather myself in skincare.

To keep my summer glow:

1.  I drink vegetable juice, drink a lot of water and get a lot of sleep.  Glow comes from inside and out.
2. I dust on a little bronzer.
3.  A great gold orange shimmery blush, Privia from Essentiellebeauty
4.  An eye cream that fights bags and circles like this Simple coffee one (with cuke, carrot and parsley as well):
5.  Aloha daily good greens (see number one, to power charge the glow I get from the nutrients in greens...they are the best thing for your skin ever): . ALOHA also has a bunch of healthy recipes that help nourish!
6.  Lot's of reading.  Why not?
7.  Daily runs or workouts.
8.  Mascara, and more mascara.
9.  A great highlighter.
10.  Bright lipstick.


Julie B said...

Off topic a little, but I just saw your holiday UD palette video and it is gorgeous!!! I really only get a few new holiday things a year and this year I am waiting for that MUFE palette. It looks so pretty!!

Megan Lisa Jones said...

The UD spectrum is gorgeous. I love it. Having said that, MUFE has one of my favorite eye shadow formulas out there now.
I have a ton of videos imovie has totally stopped working and I'm having to go through hours of work...with tech support ...fixing it.
So many lovely holiday choices already!!!

Julie B said...

Holiday collections seem to come out earlier every year. I always get the Sephora Superstars and Give Me More Lip sets which I'm waiting for. Oh my goodness I need to order that Becca palette from Ulta too. It's beautiful!!

Megan Lisa Jones said...

Julie...I've been eying the Becca on Ulta too! I might skip the give me some more lip this year...though I usually get it. I'm feeling more extremes yet again with the holiday sets...some so much better....others too much the same.