Friday, September 18, 2015

Book Review: The Republic of Imagination by Azar Nafisi

Azar Nafisi wrote Reading Lolita in Tehran and drew attention to the importance of literature in a repressive society.  The Republic of Imagination addresses the importance of literature in the United States.  Specifically, it addresses her experience coming to the United States and becoming an American.  Classic American literature helped her shape her beliefs about life her.

My parents are immigrants as well so I have some familiarity with the immigrant experience.  The United States has long welcomed most, and given them the chance to reinvent themselves.  The books she discusses include Huckleberry Finn and Babbitt. They range across how Nafisi views the US.  And I often don't agree with her on her book choices and what she takes from them.

But she does get the American quality of difference and individuality.  I don't need to agree...we're all allowed to have a different perception of this country.

I really enjoyed this book.

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