Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Changing the Conversation by Dana Caspersen Book Review

Changing the Conversation by Dana Caspersen is a very useful book to have on hand.  

Caspersen is a conflict mediator.  The person behind the book's layout is Joost Elffers, who did an amazing job with The 48 Laws of Power (written by a different author).  Essentially, the book is organized into the 17 principles of conflict resolution, which are described, defined and elaborated upon.  Then, the book breaks core ideas into soundbites which are given their own page.  Thus the book is easy to page through or read. 

For me, this book was a great reminder about the importance of resolving conflict and not getting stuck in my own position, oblivious to others.  And I found that the tools really helped.  Caspersen's narrative is simple, but more valuable in it's simplicity in that it's usable.  By breaking conflict resolution into 17 principles Caspersen has given us a system for solving problems.

I love this book!  I'm tempted to give it as a gift (often) but will be careful about my timing!

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