Friday, December 19, 2014

Silver Bay by Jojo Moyes Book Review

Jojo Moyes can write a touching story.  Having read a lot of her work I believe she continues to improve on her craft and imagine better books.  So I was thrilled to read two earlier works, of which Silver Bay is one (review for The Ship of Brides when I finish it).

How did she do?

Moyes has always been a writer who sees inside the hearts of her characters.  And she's willing to craft her heroes and heroines to be flawed, thus more real.  But occasionally they frustrate me.  And the books can challenge what I believe.  All good things.

Silver Bay is about a woman trying to escape her past and living a sheltered life in a remote fishing community.  She wants to remove herself from emotion and the conflicts of life, despite having a daughter and almost succeeds.  Until the wrong (or right) man shows up.

A shameless love story on so many levels, I still connected with the characters and really enjoyed the story.  A worthwhile read.

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