Friday, December 19, 2014

Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands Book Review (by Judith Schalansky)

So this book is a gift.  I swear.  It's just too perfect a gift to give for me to keep it for myself (much as I'd like to).  I actually know a lot of people who are driven to learn the minutia about things like islands…and they will love this book.

I loved this book.

First, it's lovely.  Small, as befits a traveler.  But rich in the sort of information someone interested in lesser known islands is looking to find.  Where is it?  How did it get it's name? What's the history and chronology?  What sets it apart.

The book is fun to read.  It's written in an engaging style, interesting instead of dull.

And I learned a lot.  Some of these islands are more important than they seem.  Moreover, they and their stories bind us to this earth.

A great gift, and one I'm determined to give but would rather keep for myself.

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