Monday, October 6, 2014

The Human Body by Paolo Giordano

The Human Body by Paolo Giordano is a well written but painful book.  Giordano has chosen to tackle the heart rendering story of a mission in Afghanistan gone bad.  And, of course, people die.

The book begins slowly, with men looking back and in pain.  But that introspection and regret lasts only a few pages.  Then we find ourselves captured in the daily lives of men headed to a mission.  I found the early pages of the book very masculine, dealing with men wanting to get laid…then dealing with that issue again..and again. This book really delves into the minutia of men's lives and thoughts…mostly younger men.

Then we're in Afghanistan and again dealing with daily problems and issues, conflicts and fears.  But Giordano is setting his readers up by letting us get to know his readers in their normalcy.  For soon we head out on the fateful mission and all will not end well.

The book is well written.  Atmospheric and tightly controlled, us readers live in a small world.  Some will love that discipline but others will want to see the locale and learn about things more outside these men's internal thoughts and the base itself (plus their actual homes).

I enjoyed the book.  Sad though it can be.  Someone needs to take a stand on related issues and Giordano stepped out on a limb to do so.

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