Monday, October 6, 2014

The Genesis Code by Jaime Metzl Book Review

The Genesis Code by Jaime Metzl is a fun book.  It takes place in 2023 in a world where China controls a lot (too much) and the US is recovering from defaulting on its debt.  And women in their 20s are turning up dead.  A Kansas City Star reporter, Rich, begins to dig deep and discovers that a mega preacher who is the major support for a Presidential candidate might be behind what seem to be murder.

The situation spirals out of control and soon Rich and the policeman who brought him into the murder case are banned from looking into it further.  An autopsy is faked and other suspicious circumstances pile up rapidly.  Life gets dangerous for those searching for an answer as to these women's deaths.

Metzl creates a compelling story and likable characters. I couldn't put the book down.  The jump to 2023 isn't fully developed and could have been left out.

Overall, I very much enjoyed the book and recommend it…as an old fashioned thriller with a futuristic genetic engineering twist.

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