Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Will Love Myself: A Poem and My First Attempt at Blogging

I will love myself

I will love myself
No matter how hard the day or how long the night
No matter the mistakes I make or the stupid things I say
If I eat too much, ice cream or sushi, and if I don’t exercise
When I stumble and even fall
If I skin my knees, which I do
Drop, break, lose and not appreciate things
And when I cry
I’ll love myself anyway
Tears black with mascara and eyes red with shame
I don’t care
I’ll ignore the stares, pick myself up again and find a way to smile
I’ll love myself
Even when no one else loves me
Or believes
But I believe and I do great things, even if they’re small
I breathe, and love and support and try
I can only control myself, my thoughts…
And seemingly, only seemingly, my body
But I know that every morning the world begins anew
And I’ll say a prayer to my God and breath deeply,
Appreciating my ongoing and never easy efforts
I’ll love myself this day even if I didn’t yesterday
With every breathe in, and each one that exhales out
I know that I’ve got life, deep, eternal and not so everlasting
With my crazy mind and ever changing body I still exist
And my heart beats
I breathe
And I want, ever so much
Which is all that matters
Given this wonderful life I’ll remember
That I should love myself
The only one I can’t escape and who’ll always be here
For me
The sun will slant, casting its mysterious glow
Across the scenery unfolding before me
And I’ll just be

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