Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Good Morning, Mr. Mandela by Zelda la Grange…thoughts part way through the book..

Part way through…some thoughts….

I'm reading this now…courtesy of Penguin (review copy) so I'll do an actual review later.  But I'm struck as I read it, written by a long time employee of Nelson Mandela, that hearing about how he behaved on a daily basis does reflect what a great man he was.  Regardless of past experience with someone or differences in opinion he insisted that all be treated with respect and dignity and did so himself.  If his staff was rude or disrespectful to someone he went out of his way to be good to them in front of the rude staff (never letting anyone harm anyone else using their position with him to advance themselves at someone else's expense).  He spoke to people in their own language and always made an effort - not because someone could help him, doing so made him look good or for any other reason than because it was the right thing to do.
So many people want to be good.  How many are that consistent and - especially - demand it of others.  He was as harsh on this subject on his family as with his staff.  And this is a man who had reason to strike back and the power to do it.
Few live up to him and that's why he was a truly great man.  I love this book…and recommend it highly as a lesson in how to behave in life.  If only more lived up to

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