Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Elizabeth of York by Allison Weir

This book is a meticulous narrative based on few concrete facts and much speculation.  That doesn't make it a bad or even unlikable book.  I really enjoyed reading the details of the time and the related speculation.  This time period fascinated me when I was growing up  I've read many related books, fiction and non-fiction, including Philippa Gregory's more creative fiction series.

But, I must conclude after reading Weir's meticulously researched biography that we don't know so very much about Elizabeth of York.  Was she merely swept up in a marriage with Henry VII and flirtation with Richard III as brutal battles for the throne of England swirled around her or did she take an active role?

After reading this book I still don't have an opinion.  For fans of the time period this book is a great read.  Weir writes beautifully and I enjoyed every page.  But this book is more history than engaging story.  And that's where Weir's choice of subject falls apart.

Solid but not inspired.  I liked it but didn't love it.

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