Friday, May 17, 2013

Graham Greene's The Heart of the mood of the day...

Anyone read this book?

It's my mood of the day.

Life, love,'s all a strange mix of deliberation, misunderstanding and luck.  Then there is the divine intervention as God or whatever higher power just stirs things up.

This story is a classic of love gone wrong.  Two people fall in love, one married.  She promises to give up her true love in - what she believes - is a deal with God - to save his life.  They almost re-unite but he, in a fit of jealousy sends her husband to beg at her feet to stay.  She does...or what?  I won't wreck the story but it's worth reading.

For what do we control and what controls us?  Misunderstanding counts for more than perhaps we sometimes give credit.

One of my all time favorite books.  Ever.

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