Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Escape, Captive's sequel, on Kickstarter..

Link to project

And so it goes....trying new things to get my books out to a larger and global audience.  Last time it was BitTorrent and Clearbits which got over 600,000 downloads but had very mixed results.

I like Kickstarter because it does more to engage and build an audience.  For example, an author can provide updates or rewards that connect.  It's more active.  Will it work?  Who knows...but that's never an excuse for not trying.

In Escape, Khalil and George face off once again.  This time the tables turn.  The men rush through Cairo and Aswan, always looking forward to Khalil's next target.  Assassination or another bomb?  We don't really know.

I added in a strong female character this time around.  Emine is a broken hearted war journalist with a strange ability to find Khalil.  At one point she is seemingly George's only ally.

Who lives and who dies?  More importantly, who escapes?  I have an ending but am thinking of changing it.  Perhaps one day I'll write a book with multiple endings.

So we shall see...

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