Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Protests in Egypt: different from the Tahrir Square of my visit

Revolutions are all the same? People tire of repression and corruption leading them to risk everything for a better life?

I visited Cairo years ago and remember the guns, dirt and poverty. I put Khalil in a jail cell in the nearby desert in Captive. He gets the same bugs, heat and dirt that I had in one of my hotel rooms.

The repressive governments of Northern Africa and the Middle East are finally facing their people's anger. What do the people ask for? What we all ask for - the right to live a decent life. Where is the cry of Islam in this mayhem? So far it's been muted. Hopefully, militant extremists don't fill whatever power void these regions might face.

But isn't it great to watch the people uniting and speaking up for a better life?

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