Sunday, November 15, 2015

Giveaway: Hale Kai Lana Honey Coconut Macadamia Nuts and Bare Minerals Lip Gloss

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Enter November 16 to 23.  US only.

Good luck!


dorathorne said...

Thank you Megan, what a fun way to start the hollidays. :)

Megan Lisa Jones said...

Good luck!

Jackie Fugate said...

Cute side braid

Julie B said...

Awesome giveaway!! Thank you Megan!

Side note...a while ago I commented on your review of the Sophia Loren lipstick. I ordered one from Nordstrom, it went out of stock everywhere, then Nordstrom cancelled (it was on backorder). I was mad because I really wanted it.

I happened to be on Sephora the other day and I couldn't believe it was in stock, so it's finally on its way! It should be here tomorrow and I'm so excited because it's beautiful. Anyway, I thought I'd share.

The lipstick that you're wearing in this video...perfection!! :)

Megan Lisa Jones said...

Julie, I'm so glad you got the SL! I really love it! Can't wait to hear what you think.
Sadly, the lipstick in the video is perfect... but it's so pricey! Christian Louboutin Sheer in Petal Rose. I decided to get a few as my Christmas video coming. But ouch on the cost!

Kathy said...

New to your channel but I recognize you from Beauty Talk.(I'm KatinCarolina)
You are very kind and informative and I enjoy reading your posts!

Megan Lisa Jones said...

Kathy, welcome!!! And good luck!