Sunday, June 21, 2015

Book Review: The Centurions by Jean Larteguy

This book is so powerful.  The Centurions, by Jean Larteguy, is not a new book but this is a new Penguin Classics issue of it.  The forward is written by the important thinker and historian (current events, and more) Robert Kaplan.

How to describe the world as it falls apart and professional soldiers are called upon to keep it right?  French Lt. Col. Raspeguy is a POW in a prison camp in Indochina.  The French control of their territories is falling apart and a new form of warfare is also taking hold.  For now we're seeing the guerrilla warfare build and Raspeguy studies the methods of his captors, biding his time until he's free.

And when he is, he's sent to fight in Algeria, where he uses these tactics to - well - win - but also perhaps terrorize?

This book is not only timely it's also brilliant.  Comments state that it's been used at West Point.

How do war and the military mind set work?  And how have the changes in warfare over the past 50 years impacted the world?  This book is a step in answering those questions.

I love it.

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