Saturday, May 9, 2015

Book Review Louis Begley's Killer Come Hither

Louis Begley has written 10 novels before Killer Come Hither.  He's a lawyer and in this book, the hero's uncle, a lawyer in NYC has just committed suicide.

Or did he?

And let's be clear, I really love this story.

Our main character, Jack Dana, decided to defer graduate school to fight for our country after 9/11.  His father was a veteran as was his grandfather.  But his uncle oddly didn't fight for some mysterious medical reason.  Both of Jack's parents are dead and his uncle is his main mentor and surrogate parent.

Upon returning from the war, Jack writes a hit novel.  He then heads to South America when his uncle decides to commit suicide.  Of course, Jack soon realizes that the storyline behind his uncle's death is very different.  And behind it are a billionaire client and some of the partners at his uncle's law firm.

The book is paced beautifully and the story line kept me enthralled. Some details are a bit cliche, but the author handles his material with such finesse that such bumps aren't a bother.  Great book!

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