Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Shades in the video...

MC Bareness, Clinique Cheek Pop Ginger Pop and MAC Blunt

Highlighter is MAC Lightscape (a LTD)

Urban Decay 69 (pink undertone), Gash (blackened with glitter) and Gash (true bright red)
Besame Noir red (deep plum undertone)
Stila Color Balm (sheer) Valentina (orange/poppy) and Ruby (deep red)
Ardency INN Lovecat (Blue)
Lipstick Queen Red Metal (Metallic)
Nars Audacious Rita (true red) and Audrey (Berry)
MAC Matte Dangerous (orange), Riri Woo (blue), All Fired Up and Relentless Red (pink)
Maybelline Siren in Scarlett (light red; blue based)
Lancome Rouge in Love Sequence of love (light red with slight blue or pink) and Rouge Saint Honore (classic medium to dark red)
Gucci Moisture Rich Iconic red (perfect lighter classic red with a slight blue undertone
Kat Von D Hexagram (matte blood red)
Urban Decay Red Light gloss (sheer bright red gloss with a touch of blue)

How to choose a red lipstick

1.     What are your skin undertones?
a.     Pinks, oranges, blue based?  Super warm skin tones might not be able to wear reds with strong pink or purple undertones while those more cool toned might not be able to wear orange undertones. 
b.     Blue based and neutral reds should work on all.

2.     Are you aiming for a specific look?
a.     Dramatic, muted, retro, classic.
b.     Aim for what suites your style as well as skin.

3.     Finish?  Matte, satin, opaque, sheer.

4.     Brightness and how light/dark

5.     Blush!!! I don’t see this enough.
a.     The deeper the red the deeper the tone needs to be…even if applied sparingly and blended out.
b.     Match the undertones to the red.  Red blush can be too harsh on many.  A brown-red works with darker reds and wears better.  For those super cool toned the straight red might actually work better (or go with a pink).

6.     Eye makeup…yes…blush is more important, especially with darker reds        
a.     Mostly simple; lighter shadows (gold, silver, taupe, platinum, bone)
b.     Black eyeliner…mascara
c.      Red lips can also pair with a smoky eye for night
d.     Highlighters work beautifully with red lips.

7.     Day or night look

8.     Drugstore brands are surprisingly good (often) in this shade

9.     Reds can bleed or wear unevenly.  They also tend to stain.  I lip liner helps a lot!  And because application is so important, makes the perfect application easier.  I actually prefer a sheer liner as then I don’t need to worry about matching.

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