Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Making your eyes pop with makeup!

1.  Use light and dark contrasts.

2.  Keep your lids light.

3.  Add a dot of shimmer or a light color on the center of your eye lid to open the eye (at the last).

4.  Line to lower or top lash line with a bright liner.

5.  Use warm or cool colors, depending on your undertones, in the crease.  Blue, purple, copper, and green work well with most eyes shades.  Pinks with hazels, yellow with some brown or hazel and orange with blue.

6.  Add orange, pink or red (or reddish, even reddish brown).  Mix these with black or brown into lower lash liner or alone into the crease.  This brightening works even better with darker eye looks.

7.  Line with gold or silver…but watch your undertones and the undertones in the shadow.

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