Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Bosnia List by Kenan Trebincevic and Susan Shapiro

So how often do you get shot at as you walk through the streets near your house?  How often are you unsafe and fearing for both your own life and those you love based upon your religion?

We keep saying never again but we keep letting it happen (the worst case ….among many…being Syria right now with over 5 million children directly impacted…through death, displacement, starvation, fear for their lives and the like).

Yes, I'm a strong supporter for books like The Bosnia List.  Our narrator, Kenen, is but ten when the Bosnian war starts.  He survives and escapes to America with his immediate family, barely.  But he struggles with guilt among other issues…that he was too young to effectively fight back.  So he goes back..with a list of things to do.

No surprise but some of those who committed atrocities are doing more than fine.

Revenge is a great basis for a book.  Understanding is a deeper one and this one achieves that.  Painful at time….look at the topic.  This book is still a personal take on a tough subject and I recommend it.  And the writing is stung, distinctive and illuminating.

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