Friday, June 7, 2013

How To Get Your Child To The Top is available on Amazon

Foreword by Richard J. Riordan, former Los Angeles Mayor and California Secretary for Education.


How do children succeed today?

Our world is undergoing dizzying change comparable to the Industrial Revolution or introduction of the printing press.  The globe truly has become flat and workers struggle to adapt as jobs are outsourced, industries rise and fade in a heartbeat and opportunities increasingly go to the more educated and skilled.

Education is not keeping up with the changing realities our children face as they graduate into a weak job market, breakdown of traditional career paths and new industries.  Yet children are also more than the sum of what they know.  Values, leadership, creativity, critical thinking, continued learning, innovation and passion are too often never part of any curriculum.

Get Your Child to the Top contains insight from educators, kids, venture capitalists, thought leaders and CEOs to provide constructive answers and real solutions to prepare children for the ever-evolving opportunities and challenges of the modern world.  The book also describes the realities our kids inhabit in and out of school, including the impact of technology.  Aimed at parents, educators and children it empowers each to help kids succeed long term.  Updated resources are available at

Interviews include:  Richard Riordan, former Mayor of Los Angeles and California Secretary of Education; Frank Baxter, former CEO of Jefferies and Ambassador to Uruguay; Tim Draper founder Draper Fisher Jurvetson; Marty Albertson, Chairman and former CEO of Guitar Center; Terry Moe of the Hoover Institute and Arthur Levine, head of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, both education authors and innovators; Laird Malamed, of Activision and USC Gaming school professor; and Kris Duggan, serial entrepreneur and founder of Badgeville, recently named by Forbes as one of the hottest companies in America and Shannon Rotenberg of J.K. Livin Foundation (Matthew McConaughey’s foundation). 

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