Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thrillers, politics or children’s book authors….

I’m looking for authors for an online publishing project.

I’m still intent on getting into the online publishing world but to do so I need some creative and risk tolerant authors (willing to experiment with online publishing models) to be my partners.

The traditional publishing model still works the best for established authors (well, perhaps a few others like Paolo Coelho have thrived by being experimental) but it’s not an easy gig to get for new authors. It also entails giving up control and ownership of your asset, even if the promotional funds for your book are minimal (God bless if you don’t worry about these issues with your draft).

My project is both a labor of love (books in my mind are among the best things on earth) and a practical venture. I had to yank distribution of Captive from the publisher (long story; different post) and learned enough to become a publisher myself. Check out Captive on iTunes! I’m a licensed book seller now. So why not become a publisher? Additionally, a best selling author I know casually broached the idea of me helping him with his online efforts, saying that many authors had only dipped their toes into this world and could also use the help.

Captive has now been downloaded well over 560,000 times and counting. The online promotions built my larger audience but I monetized better using more traditional distribution. We’ll see about going forward. Authors need to do it all (seen my YouTube videos?) yet those other duties making writing that much harder. The decisions on how to promote and related time commitments can be staggering, as I’ve found out first hand. What if your online publisher helped?

I’m almost done with Captive’s sequel and will be playing around with business models once it’s done. Anyone want to join me?

If you’ve written a thriller or other action novel, a political book or a children’s one and want to submit to my in process of being built publishing house email me at meganlisajones1@gmail.com. And feel free to forward this invitation.

Much thanks.

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