Tuesday, September 6, 2011

When I don't blog...

is when life interferes...

Writing...other projects...kids (on vacation! and demanding!), a family fight, friends, the newspaper, tweetdeck and a bunch of books I'm reading. The daily stuff.

That's how we also don't write books, start companies, sit with a friend or family member or tell someone that we love them. I love a lot of people but I haven't been telling them lately.

Why? Stress and a to-do list don't bring out the best in me. I like my schedule, yoga and some peace and quiet.

I've neglected it all. And, while summer is my favorite time of year, I still enjoy the coming of fall and a return to a concrete schedule.

This summer I learned a lot. That you can't push people or make them conform to your expectations. That you can add that just one more thing (and stay sane). That people the world over carry on similar conversations no matter how obscure their corner of the world. And that I need to keep trying to be better.

September it is! Back to real work.

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