Thursday, March 10, 2011

I sat down to write today

I sat down to write today and I didn't.

So many things I did do. Writing wasn't one of them. Our best intentions... And how do we juggle it all?

I gossiped; shot yet another video for Captive, spent time with my kids, went to yoga, obsessed about a bunch of things and did some actual work.

I didn't write. And I was planning to write so much. Behind on the blogs. Doing well on Captive's sequel Escape (But it really does take serious time to write a book doesn't it?). Last night at Coro I learned about HUD, budget cuts and our recent local elections. Sounds so high brow but I still didn't write.

How do I get everything done in a day? As if I know.

And, tonight, hopefully I'll read yesterdays's paper. We'll see about today's.

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David said...

Writing is hard work!

When I'm writing (as I was, and mostly wasn't, for some time today) I need some kind of device that shuts off Facebook, my various emails, news alerts, and just lets me...write.

Honestly, sometimes I unplug the router.