Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time with younger friends

I've been spending time with younger friends (not exclusively!)over the holidays. They were around more? No, it just seemed to happen.

I learned eight things:

1. Honor life’s stages
2. We all think alike irrespective of age
3. There are some generational and life stage differences: learn from them and embrace them
4. We get more understanding (tired?) as we get older
5. We also get more confidence and understand more perspectives
6. We have less energy (directed or not)
7. We tolerate less
8. We are no less creative

And something which I already knew and keep hearing: listen.

I wrote a short story for a contest one day and had my younger friend and reader Christina provide feedback. She liked it; I’ve been obsessed with the idea raised at Thanksgiving by Steve, my yoga teacher: “more of what doesn’t make them happy won’t make them happy.” What makes us happy?

Happiness isn’t related to age. The secret to happiness? Let me know…Or, when I get it all figured out I’ll let you know. I think part of happiness lies in the search for it.

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