Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Writing is inherently political. Writers portray the world as they see it. Anyone who feels strongly about something is likely to feel compelled to write about it - either to share their thoughts or to convince others.

What can be more annoying than hearing someone wax long and hard on their own political views? And why do writers, merely because they like to communicate, have anything special to offer with respect to political events?


His eyelashes fring his eyes and flutter when he blinks. His mouth moves, neither compactly nor expressively. It flaps, yet stays within his control. The skin around his cheeks forms in jowels, like a bloodhound. He sniffs, yet he looks for nothing. The skin is clear, but pasty. What do politicians eat that make them look so middle aged and pale? Don't they spend time outside, exercising and getting healthy? That is why Bush won - his face has color.

The clothes always work, the handshake and the smile.

When they get elected they all look alike, don't they? The lines around the eyes, the soft creases at the lips. The smiles, the frown, the tears.

None of it reflects the man inside. Or, indeed, the woman. Time builds a record. But is it real when they create in anticipation of playing their legacy on the evening news? That is why i like Guiliani - he was a man, before he was a polititian. A man = a what?

Yes, i vote. No, i won't disclose for whom. But they all talk, expecting to be heard. How can the heart survive that? Publicity. Designed to win.

The world is full of clutter. Can a single, simple message break through? Do we want it to?

Sometimes i like the illusion better than the reality.

And all of this is fun and games. Writing can be powerful. Sometimes it is scribbles on a page and nothing more.

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